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Advisory Committee

The goal of the Governor’s Economic Rebound Advisory Committee is to provide recommendations to Governor Brad Little in support of the State of Idaho’s recovery from the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. The recommendations will focus on actions that will support and drive the success of the safe reopening of the economic activities and related interests within the state. The recommendations should also support the guidelines laid out by the President of the United States.

Three Key Phases

The Advisory Committee’s recommendations will be focused on three key phases:

  • Phase 1 – Rebuilding of Employee and Consumer Confidence—In the near term, this is a critical phase in getting the economy safely reopened and ready for business. The strategy is to identify steps that will allow employees to feel comfortable to safely return to work and demonstrating to consumers that it is safe to return to the marketplace. Key considerations will include steps that involve a coordinated public health response, large scale testing, economic stimulus, and wide-ranging employer engagement. Recommendations in this phase need to have a sense of urgency not only in development but also implementation if the state is to get the economic engine reignited safely.
  • Phase 2 – Business stability and growth—This phase is vital in ensuring that progress made in Phase 1 is maintained and that backsliding does not occur. This phase will provide a foundation in order to continue to enhance the economic recovery. Determining new ways in which to do business will be vital with creative and innovative recommendations critical to moving forward.
  • Phase 3 – Business promotion and attraction—This phase while possibly longer in term, will be key to continue the growth trajectory the State has been on prior to the impacts of the virus outbreak. Our ability to demonstrate to existing businesses as well as those that are looking to grow or relocate to Idaho that we have taken the necessary steps to minimize impacts related to the pandemic outbreak long term will be instrumental to grow the economy of the state. Developing this confidence through the demonstration of clear and actionable recommendations will allow the state to achieve the desired results of continued growth.

Advisory Committee Members

  • Darrel Anderson, Idaho Power
  • Cortney Liddiard, Ball Ventures
  • Garrett Lofto, Simplot
  • Mitch Watkins, Watkins Distributing
  • Bobbi-Jo Meuleman, Office of the Governor
  • Kevin Stachofsky, Blue Ribbon Linen Supply
  • Lorrie Asker, First Interstate Bank
  • Kirk Smith, Boise State University
  • CJ Buck, Buck Knives
  • Betsy Hunsicker, West Valley Medical Center
  • Chad Henggeler, Henggeler Packing
  • Tom Kealey, Idaho Department of Commerce
  • Kent Oram, Idaho Central Credit Union
  • Frank Vandersloot, Melaleuca
  • Tom Knutson, Melaleuca
  • Joel Poppen, Micron
  • Neil Nelson, ESI
  • Kevin Settles, Bardenay
  • Daragh Maccabee, Idaho Milk Products/Processors Association
  • Senate President Pro Tem Brent Hill
  • House Speaker Scott Bedke
  • Senator David Nelson
  • Jeff Fox, College of Southern Idaho
  • Bill Reagan, Coeur d’Alene Resort
  • Laurel Sayer, Midas Gold
  • Marc Brinkmeyer, Idaho Forest Group
  • Tim Komberec, Empire Airlines
  • Mike Fitzpatrick, Sun Valley Resort
  • Dick Broulim, Broulim’s
  • Sean Robbins, Regence Blue Shield
  • Charlene Maher, Blue Cross of Idaho
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